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12 Houses Zodiac Tarot Spread

12 Houses Zodiac Tarot Spread – Positional Meanings

1 – First House (Aries): This card tells you how others will perceive you and what persona you project into the world in the year ahead. Confidence levels are reflected here, as are vitality levels. The corresponding Archangel is Camael.
2 – Second House (Taurus): Here you see what you will value and what makes you feel secure (or how you are challenged in feeling secure) in the next 12 months. Financial windfalls can show here too. The corresponding Archangel is Anael.
3 – Third House (Gemini): A mentally active house, this shows what my may think about, explore and communicate about with others in the year ahead. It can also show relationships with siblings and short journeys. The corresponding Archangel is Raphael.
4 – Fourth House (Cancer): This card shows home/family life for the year ahead. A potential house move would show here. The corresponding Archangel is Gabriel.
5 – Fifth House (Leo): This house deals with playfulness, hobbies, celebrations and our ability/willingness to take centre stage. Creative pursuits are shown here, as are possible pregnancies or relationships with children. The corresponding Archangel is Michael.
6 – Sixth House (Virgo): Here you can find out about your physical health and wellbeing, as well as work in the sense of the daily grind (career issues belong more in the 10th house). Exercise, nutrition and any suggestions about self-care would show in this card. The corresponding Archangel is Raphael.
7 – Seventh House (Libra): Your closest relationships, both loving and ones with enemies. Possible new love, engagement and marriage would show here. The corresponding Archangel is Anael.
8 – Eighth House (Scorpio): Endings, death, taxes and other people’s money show in this house. On a soul level, it can show deep emotional transformation and spiritually, you could see an initiation in this house. The corresponding Archangel is Azrael.
9 – Ninth House (Sagittarius): This card will reveal if you are destined for any form long distance travel, higher learning or getting published. Your beliefs in general are also reflected here. The corresponding Archangel is Sachiel.
10 – 10th House (Capricorn): Your status/reputation in society and any major career/life purpose changes will show in this card. This is where we can really make a difference in the lives of others with the work we do (if we have the required clarity of vision that can be gained in the preceding house). The corresponding Archangel is Cassiel.
11 – 11th House (Aquarius): This is the house of friendships, large groups of people and any humanitarian pursuits. Interaction with groups of people (or challenge to the same) is shown here. The corresponding Archangel is Uriel.
12 – 12th House (Pisces): Here lurk all the things we’d rather sweep under the carpet… the stuff that comes out in dreams and nightmares. Possible addictions or other self-destructive behaviour can be seen here. This house traditionally relates to institutions like prisons, insane asylums and hospitals. However, on a more positive note, massive leaps in psychic ability would typically show here too. The corresponding Archangel is Asariel.
13. Theme card: Shows the main lesson in the year ahead.

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